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Small Group Fitness Training

Our goal at Sarnia Inspires is to help you reach your health and fitness goals whether you are currently pregnant, plan to be pregnancy, newly postpartum, or far out in your motherhood journey. No matter what your goals and reason for training is, it is going to require commitment and consistency!

We offer small group fitness training via Zoom for groups of 4-6 people.  It's a great way to build accountability, make new friends, while prioritizing your health and fitness. Babies/ kids are always welcomed to the workouts.

Workout Group

Summer Small Group Fitness Training

Get ready to join our summer small group training sessions that will run for six weeks, with a total of 12 sessions. The training will be held on Tuesdays Thursdays at 12 Noon CST. Each session will last  approximately1 hour and will be held via Zoom

-Start Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2024

-End Date: Thursday July 18, 2024


Please note that this will be a small group training with other participants, therefore, we will stick to the schedule above. Please ensure that the dates and times above work with your schedule before booking.

Cost: $249 

Click here to enroll in the Small Group Training 

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