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Enriched Pregnancy
Empowered Childbirth
Equipped Motherhood
Through Movement

Sarnia Ogidan

Teacher| Speaker| Coach| Consultant 

Sarnia Ogidan is a premier prenatal and postnatal exercise coach who passionately brings about awareness to women’s health through the healing power of movement. After a debilitating post pregnancy recovery, she obtained Master’s level knowledge and certified skills on preparing the pregnant body for the physical demands of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. She has since lived out her mission of empowering women to have strong and smoother births along with functionally fit bodies in motherhood. She has taught and spoken on health, wellness, and fitness to various corporations, institutions, and colleges including: National Institutes of Health, Merck & Co., the American Diabetes Association, among many others! She welcomes the opportunity to help more women build up and restore their bodies through awareness, education, and movement.

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