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Looking for a Personal Trainer in your Prenatal/Postnatal Journey?

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Helping women to thrive in their pregnancy and motherhood fitness journey!

Thrive Natal Program
Your one-on-one personal training program to help you train for the ultimate marathon of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood through an athletic event approach specifically designed for your perinatal journey. Pregnancy is an ultimate marathon, so is motherhood! Your training should reflect that as well!

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Thrive Natal program is for you if… 

  • You’re planning to get pregnant  

  • You’re currently pregnant

  • You have had a child/children

  • You want to strengthen your core from the inside out

  • You want to physically and mentally prepare for the ultimate marathon of pregnancy, childbirth, or motherhood

  • You want guidance to maximize your performance in your prenatal or postnatal journey

  • You need a specific fitness training program during your pregnancy 

  • You need a specific fitness training program at any point in your motherhood journey

  • You’re tired of exercise modifications that are not supportive of your needs

  • You’re tired of exercises that compromise your core

  • You’re tired of outdated pregnancy and postpartum fitness programs

  • You’re tired of feeling unenergized throughout your day

  • You’re tired of having back pain

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  • You’re overwhelmed by long lists of "don'ts" and "shouldn'ts" about exercise during pregnancy and after birth
  • You’re not sure how to go about exercise for your current stage of life
  • You’re fed up with sitting on the side lines because you are achy or exhausted 
  • You want to take the guess work out of exercise and know that your exercise is well suited for you for your current stage of life and goals
  • You want to live your life to the fullest and thrive in your body with a system in place that will do that
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Thrive Natal Program

is designed to:

  • Train your body specifically for pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and beyond

  • Be customized to your specific needs and goals

  • Improve your strength

  • Improve your core function 

  • Improve muscular endurance 

  • Improve posture 

  • Improve cardio capacity

  • Improve your balance

  • Improve your breathing

  • Improve your energy, sleep, and mood

  • Improve and heal diastasis recti

  • Improve pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Help you to easily get down on the floor and get back up with your child in hand without causing injuries

  • Functionally prepare your body to handle the physical demands and daily activities in pregnancy, motherhood, and beyond 

  • Maximize your movement patterns during pregnancy and as a new mom

  • Prevent back pain

  • Reduce risk of injuries

  • Reduce time spent in labor

  • Train you for your pregnancy event

  • Train you for childbirth

  • Speed up postpartum recovery

  • Help you to reconnect with your core no matter how long it has been since giving birth

  • Help you safely return to your favorite activities after pregnancy 

  • Teach you how to properly activate your pelvic floor

  • Provide accountability

If ANY of the above resonates with you, schedule a NO OBLIGATION FREE 15 min KICKSTARTER call to get your questions answered and to determine if we would be a good fit for each other! 

What is it worth to you?

  • How much is your health and quality of life worth to you?


  • What would it be worth for your body to be able to specifically handle the physical demands of pregnancy and well beyond into motherhood?


  • What would it be worth to you to not just endure the process of pregnancy and motherhood, but to thrive in your body instead?


  • What would life be like for you to avoid expensive surgeries to fix diastasis recti or pelvic issues that can occur with pregnancy?


  • What would it be like to laugh and sneeze without worrying about peeing in your pants?


  • What would it be like to avoid countless doctors and physical therapy appointments to fix injuries and pains that you might have experienced from not training your body for this ultimate marathon?


  • How much is it worth to you to be fully present and energized to show up for yourself and the people that you love?


  • What would it be worth to you to live your life to the fullest?


If you are looking to transform your life for the better, schedule a NO OBLIGATION FREE 15 min KICKSTARTER call to get your questions answered and to determine if we would be a good fit for each other! 

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What’s Included:

  • Head to toe virtual assessment  

  • Customized workout program for your specific needs and goals

  • One-on-one virtual personal training 

  • Virtual sessions to give you the flexibility to exercise without the need to leave your current location

  • Effective and efficient sessions to quickly get back to the other things that you do

  • Additional at home exercises to be completed on your own

  • If you are ready to make a paradigm shift and thrive in your pre/postnatal journey, schedule a NO OBLIGATION FREE 15 min KICKSTARTER call to get your questions answered and to determine if we would be a good fit for each other! 


Prior to training with Sarnia, I struggled with leakage while coughing and sneezing, and pelvic floor weakness in general. Through intentional breathing coupled with pelvic floor exercises, I've noticed a marked improvement in this--no more leaks! Also, though I would consider myself "strong", I have always been inflexible and had poor balance. I didn't realize how this negatively affected my strength training until working with Sarnia. Improved balance, core strength and flexibility has given me increased energy levels and decreased downtime post EVERYTHING, from workouts to work, to running after the kiddos. I plan to continue throughout my future pregnancy and postpartum! If you train with Sarnia expect a judgment-free zone, an encouraging trainer who can challenge you and still make you smile!!

-Christina I.

Sarnia is amazing. She's so energetic and helpful in cutting to the core (pun intended) of the issues keeping you from reaching your health + wellness goals, both physically and mentally. Some of the workouts were pretty hard for me and it was surprising to me! She is so encouraging and helps break everything down to easy to do steps to build into a place to push you towards your personal goals. So highly recommend working with her. She is everything you'd hope to find in a prenatal/ postnatal fitness expert.

-Sarah  G.


Sarnia is great. Her energy, positive vibes, and smile was always a bright light in our workouts. I love her approach to fitness. Her strategy of focusing on the core & breathing was not a method I had ever followed before with other trainers, but I quickly realized how important it is! I started seeing physical results quickly and knew that I'd reach my goals training with her. She's full of great knowledge. I'd recommend Sarnia 1,000%!

-Brandy D.

Sarnia has wonderful energy and a genuine commitment to her clients' growth and wellbeing. She is extremely knowledgeable about the subject, yet teaches the information in a personal manner that is easy to follow and understand.

-Emily B.

Sarnia Ogidan is a NASM certified personal trainer, certified prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist, certified health coach, and certified health educator who passionately brings about awareness to women’s health through the healing power of movement. She holds a master’s degree in Health Education and Promotion. She teaches and inspires others to live healthier lifestyles through awareness, education, and exercise. She has dedicated herself to the mission of empowering women to have strong and smoother births along with functionally fit bodies in motherhood.

Meet your Thrive Natal Program Trainer

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